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My Lord, I Love You!

In the name of Allah, All-Mighty, All-Merciful, Most Beneficent and Most Munificent. Everything is happening under His command, everything is coming into existence through His Will. He is the Creator and we are creatures.

That is the most important point to be known by every one of mankind. You may be anything — male or female, man or woman, rich or poor, ruling or ruled ones, professors, doctors, sultans, awliya or anbiya, Americans, Canadians, English ones, Arabians, Turkish ones, Spanish, Russian ones, Chinese, Japanese, any kind — but you must know that you are creatures, simply created by our Creator, who has so many Names, and we are saying His most famous Name that is collecting all Holy Names in itself is Allah Almighty.

He is the Creator and we are creatures. No other title for the Children of Adam is more honorable or more honored or praised than “servant of Allah Almighty”. You must know this and you must teach this, and then you must try to do your best for your Lord, Allah Almighty, and for His creatures.

Every prophet — every one — just came to teach people something about their destinations and their importance. You may be Muslims, and there are so many sects among Muslims. Christians — there are so many sects for Christians — different groups. Then, in the Jewish faith, Judaism, they have many sects, also, and beyond these three heavenly religions, so many schools of thought or ideas.

People, according to their feelings or according to their spiritual taste, are running after some of these different sects. And people are becoming happy, to belong to their groups, and Allah Almighty says about this, “Kullu hizbin bima ladayhim farihoon.”1 which means Allah Almighty is saying in this verse that “My servants are going to be different groups, and every group, is happy with their own group.” They are happy with their groups, according to their beliefs.

Everyone may choose a belief; among the many different beliefs, he or she may choose and may accept. He may say, “I am Muslim,” he may say, “I am Christian”; that may say, “Jewish”; another may say, “Buddhist.” Yes; they are believing and they are happy with their beliefs, with their groups enjoying what they have.

This is reality; it can’t be changed. It is always true. That means truth is one; among one hundred ideas or one thousand beliefs, one is going to be true. That means everyone believes in something, but it does not mean that every belief is going to be a true belief — no. You can believe as you like. It is okay; no one will prevent you. Therefore, Allah Almighty is saying, “As you like, believe. If you don’t like to believe, don’t believe.”2 You are asking to believe and you may choose a belief, but you must not say that every belief is a true belief. No; only one is true.

Eventually we are coming to an end of our lives. In our lives, we must reach an end, and everyone will bring something in his hand saying, “I am keeping jewels. I am carrying a truly valuable thing.”

Yes, you may say, “I am carrying a real belief.” As long as you are in this life, you may claim that I am on real truth, real belief, and I am keeping a real jewel, but finally the reality is you are leaving this life and going to Heavens. Your death is traveling from this lowest life to the highest life. Don’t think that death is a bad thing, as people are fearing. No. Death is the way to Heavens.

As long as you are not dying, you are on earth, the lowest life, but when you are dying, you are becoming free of this heavy life and going up. And at that time they are saying, “What have you brought here now? Open your hand.” Yes; at that time everyone is going to know if he has brought a real valued thing or he was cheated by devils, cheated by Satan, and they [devils] are taking real ones from himself or herself. He understands fully at that time.

Therefore, O people, it is a new fashion that everyone makes a check-up, particularly rich ones, at least once every year. They come in for a check-up, in America, London, Russia, China or Japan. They are making a check-up — for what? If you are doing a check-up one thousand times, this body will never going to continue with you. There is no need for all those check-ups, they are useless. But you must do a check-up on what you are carrying, what you are keeping — if I am keeping a real jewel in this life or the real one was stolen from me and replaced with an imitated plastic one. That is important.

O people, look after your faith. If it is real faith, that is leading you from darkness to illuminated Heavens. How is your feeling this year compared to last year; how are you feeling about yourself? Are you feeling an improvement in your spiritual life or not? Ask that of yourself. Yes, it is an important point.

Another important point: people are running, everyone is running, to eat something from this life, men and women. They are running to take much more something from this life, but mostly they are chasing the material of this life. And as a sign, through holy books, knowledge has reached us that the most valuable capital for mankind — is what? Ahl ad-dunya, those who are living for this dunya only, for themselves, their biggest capital is money, money, money; for ladies, golden, golden, golden jewels, jewels, jewels. Men are much more interested in saving dollars, while ladies are chasing after jewels, every year for ten fingers, twenty rings or thirty rings, putting here [indicates his fingers]; they can’t even carry all their heavy golden jewels. Yes; that is the most interesting capital that twentieth century people are running after. Whoever is reaching their capital, that is material — either saving many more millions to be millionaires or ladies many more jewels, many more palaces, many more yachts, many more dresses, much more wasting of money.

O attendees, don’t sleep! Look at me, don’t look at each other. What I am saying, it is not from myself: keep it. And the only real capital, the only one mankind must run after, is love. Whoever is asking for and seeking love, to obtain more and more of it that person receives the most valuable thing from his life on earth.

Love — love is the greatest grant from Allah Almighty to the Children of Adam. Without love, man is like dry wood. This [ pointing to a table] just lost its love and now is becoming dry. Trees are carrying love and gettting love.

And love gives people beauty and light. Don’t put like this [lipstick] something here, going to beauty parlors. You are not going to be beautiful with such things, making like this [demonstrates] or having an operation to make [demonstrates facelift]. This is not making you beautiful.

Love makes you beautiful, and tasteful and honored and a praised one. Whoever is receiving more love is going to be more beautiful here and in Heavens. Yes, it is a grant, the biggest grant of the Creator. With His love He created you. Don’t think that Allah Almighty created you without love; no. And we are thanking that He is loving His servants and granting to them love.

And what He is asking from you, O servants? He is only asking from you love — He is giving you love and asking from you love. Among all religions, among all beliefs, that is important: that He granted us from His divine love and is asking from us love for His Divine Presence.

Now we are giving our love to this lowest life’s pleasures. That is the biggest curse on mankind now; that is the reason for violence and wildness and every problem, because people are not giving love to their Lord. And He is looking: “O My servant, just I granted to you from My divine love. What are you giving to Me?”

He is not asking anything from you; no. All your praying, it is a sign of your love to His majestic Divine Presence. As much as you may be able to give, give and take more. Don’t say, “I am Christian,” “I am a Muslim,” “I am Jewish,” “I am Buddhist,” while you are not giving your love to your Lord. You have been cheated by your enemy, the common enemy of mankind, the headquarters of evil, that represents the headquarters of evil, Shaytan.

You must look after yourself, you must pthat check-up, because Shaytan is cheating you every day, making you give your love to this temporary life, and you are giving all your attention and care for this physical body, which day-by-day is coming down, coming down and dying, going in the ground. Look every day; make a check-up for yourself, have I been cheated or not? If you see that you have been cheated, you must not be cheated tomorrow.

Anytime you are saying, “O my Lord, I love you,” that is so beautiful from servants to Allah. “O my Lord, I love you.” When you are going to be alone, say, “O my Lord I love you, I love you, I love You.” Say three times, “O my Lord, I love You.” Then no more people are going to be depressed. Take a shower at night and dress in good clothes and stay in an empty place and say, “O My Lord, I love you, I love you.” You will see that depression going away in three nights. There is no need to take tablets or drugs; no need. Medicine, for whom? For those who are in depression. Depression is a punishment from Allah Almighty because those servants are not giving their love to their Lord; that is a punishment. Allah Almighty giving everything but they are not giving to their Lord Almighty their love. He is not asking from you food or drink or fine clothing; He is only asking from you love.

Therefore, when Moses — we may continue speaking up to the morning, up to next week, but you are tired; therefore we are making short as much as possible. But I must tell this story also — Moses was going to a meeting with his Lord on Mount Sinai. Allah Almighty was saying, “O Moses, look after my Servants. “O Moses, make your best for My servants. Make them to love Me.”

That is Moses, one of biggest prophets, Sayyidina Muhammad first, Sayyidina Ibrahim second, Sayyidina Musa third, Sayyidina ‘Isa fourth. And Allah Almighty was saying, “O Moses, ask from My servants to give their love to Me. Let them love Me.”

Are you understanding? I am speaking English but you are acting like sheep, only looking wide-eyed. No; you must understand. That is a very important and luminous word to say to yourself and all communities, to purify the whole world. Allah Almighty was asking Moses, one of great prophets, “Ask, teach them, tell them, make them love Me.”

Allah is asking love from His servants. And it is pity, pitiful and dirtiness for a servant to leave this life while his eyes are looking with attachment to this life, not directed towards Allah’s majestic Throne. It is pitiful and dirtiness for those who are not giving, not bringing in the last moment that they are finishing their lives, love to their Lord. Whoever brings love will never fear death because love causes them to be in real life, to live forever.

Once a saint, a great sheikh, a grandsheikh, passed away. His murid was burying him in his grave and he was trying to turn his face toward Ka’bah. Then his sheikh spoke saying, “O my servant, He just turned my face to Himself, my heart toward my Lord’s Divine Presence.” And that murid was trembling and saying, “You are not a dead person.” And he was saying, “No. I passed away, but my life, the real life of my spirit is continuing.”

Therefore, I was in Damascus and the government was making an avenue, making a street wider, and they were moving a grandsheikh’s tomb from there, removing it in order to open the way through that place for the avenu. I was there also. That shayk had been buried since five hundred years. When they were opening the grave he was in his death clothes, kaffan, in white clothes, and I was looking at him. His beard was not white like my beard but contained many black hairs. And when it was opened, a beautiful scent that one can’t describe arose from his tomb; the scent of roses came forth and he was taken and put into another coffin. His body was in the same state as the day he was buried there. Those people, hundreds of them and history is witness that those pure people who reach to their real life in this life are never going to be dust in their graves because love causes them to be alive.

O servants of my Lord, I am a servant and you are servants, and I am making an association [sohbet]. I am not giving a lecture but I am advising, and I am advising my own ego also: “give more love to your Lord and He gives to you, also. You should be illuminated ones.”

May Allah forgive us and bless you. I think it is enough, what we are speaking, to address these distinguished attendees. I am respecting you and praising you one by one, not for your temporary worldly titles, but for your permanent God-designated titles–Ibad Allah Servants of Allah

Allah Almighty is giving to you from His endless blessings and honoring you to be His deputies in the universe is enough for you. You have been chosen to be khalifah, to be deputies on earth, an honor which every creature, and particularly angels, were asking to acheive; but they weren’t given it, and Allah Almighty created man to be His deputies. That honor is the highest honor. When you are saying, “That one is such-and-such, this one is so-and-so” it is meaningless; being khalifah is the highest praise and honor from Allah Almighty to you. Try to keep that honor and try to give much more love to your Lord, Allah Almighty.

You are the only Sultan, O our Lord; You are gathering Your servants. Please bless this assembly, this community; please accept us to be Your sincere servants. We love You, we love You; I love You, O our Lord.

May Allah forgive us and bless you from His endless lights and endless blessings.

Next time I shall speak to you insha’Allah about some deep realities, not from earth but from illuminated heavens. Prepare yourselves.


(1) Surat al-Muminun, 53, “But they (Mankind) have broken their religion among them into sects, each group rejoicing in its tenets. [Pickthall]

and similarly in Surat al-Rum, 32, “Of those who split up their religion and became schismatics, each sect exulting in its tenets.” [Pickthall]

(2) Surat al-Kafirun, 1-6.