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  • Awareness of Numbers (“wuquf adadi”)
  • Awareness of the Heart (wuquf qalbi)
  • Dhikr – Remembrance of God
  • Imam Ibn Taymiyya About Saints and Sainthood


  • Wahabis Incite Controversy in Cape Town, SA after Shaykh Nazim Visit
  • Response to those who say “Sufi teachers should be poor, else they are not good teachers”
  • Association by Shaykh Nazim al-Haqqani describing the perfect character of Naqshbandi shaykhs and that of their murids.

Sermons (Khutab)

  • Don’t Put Off Doing What is Right
  • Don’t Turn Mosques into Political Centers
  • Hearts of the Sahaba
  • Lord of Easts and Wests