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Uwaysi Connection

The ‘Uwaysi’ Transmission of Spiritual Knowledge

Sayyidina Shah Bahaudin Naqshband al-Uwaysi al-Bukhari received the silent dhikr from the spiritual presence (ruhaniyya) of Khwaja Abdul Khaliq Ghujdawani. He did not meet with him physically because there were five shaykhs between them in the Golden Chain. Similarly Sayyidina Abul Hasan al-Kharaqani took spiritual guidance and initiation in the Naqshbandi Order from the spiritual presence of Bayazid Bistami.

In this form of spiritual transmission, the spirits meet in the world called calam al-arwah (the world of spirits) which is beyond calam al-ajsam (the material plane). Whoever takes knowledge through spirituality from a deceased Master in the Naqshbandi Way, is called both Uwaisi and Naqshbandi. That spiritual connection is as powerful and effective as the physical connection.

The sign of the Favor of Allah Almighty and Exalted on his servant is to authorize one of His saints to uplift that servant to the Divine Presence. That is why many saints who came in previous times were guides for those who came after through this spiritual (Uwaysi) connection. It is known that many saints have been under the guidance and training of prophets and other saints that lifted them up.

As we mentioned, Sayyidina cAbdul Khaliq al-Ghujdwani was raised up by Sayyidina al-Khidr (s), Sayyidina Uways al-Qarani, and the spiritual Presences of Sayyidina cAli and Sayyidina Abu Bakr as-Siddiq. Then Sayyidina cAbdul Khaliq raised Shah Naqshband, who also received guidance from Sayyidina Uways al-Qarani, Sayyidina cAli, Sayyidina Abu Bakr, and the Prophet (s). Sayyidina Jacfar as-Sadiq raised up Sayyidina Bayazid al-Bistami. Sayyidina Bayazid al-Bistami raised up Sayyidina Abul-Hasan al-Kharaqani. Sayyidina cUbaidullah al-Ahrar was raised up by the spiritual connection to Sayyidina cIsa (s) and to Shah Naqshband. It is known that Sayyidina Ahmad al-Faruqi, in addition to the spiritual power he was receiving from Shah Naqshband, was also receiving spiritual support and power from Sayyidina cAli (r). Sayyidina Shaykh Sharafuddin ad-Daghestani was raised through spirituality by Sayyidina Abu Bakr as-Siddiq (r) and by Sayiddina Muhammad (s). Sayyidina Shaykh Abdullah Daghestani was under the spiritual guidance of Sayyidina Uwais al-Qarani (r), of Sayyidina cAbdul Khaliq al-Ghujdawani, and of Sayyidina Shah Naqshband and Sayyidina cAli. Shaykh Nazim received, in addition to the guidance received by Shaykh Abdullah and Shaykh Sharafuddin, additional guidance from Sayyidina Jalaluddin Rumi and Sayyidina cAbdul-qadir al-Gilani, who were his grandfathers on his father’s and his mother’s side.

These are the shaykhs of the Naqshbandi Order mentioned by Shaykh cAbdullah ad-Daghestani, who have, in addition to their physical connection, received the Uwaisi connection. They are known as the Shaykhs of the Two Wings (Dhul Janahain), meaning that both the physical lineage and the spiritual lineage are combined in them. These saints are only nine in number. Each one represents one of the nine spiritual points on the chest of the human being. Through these points these saints can reach their followers at any time. Because they have the authority of these nine points, they consider all of humankind to be their followers, whether they are aware of their spiritual connection to them or not. Through these points, which are of ‘Uwaysi’ nature, they can reach and affect any human being, intercede for them, and inspire their hearts in order to direct them to the Divine Love, although they have never met physically.