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The Station of the Prophet (s) in the Divine Presence


Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim al-Haqqani

A’udhu bil Lahi minash Shaytanir-rajim
Bismillahi ‘r-Rahmani ‘r-Raheem

We need so much to learn. But the most important thing that you have to learn is to try to know the origin of the power of our souls. To find out where the station of Power. Even if you behave like animals, that is not why you are going to be treated as animals on the day of resurrection. The animals eat, without having any responsibility. But you, if you do not pay attention to what you eat and what you drink, you will be wondering on the day of resurrection why do not you ask for the Station of Power which allows you to get closer to My Divine Presence. 

Everyone must try to find their way to come closer to Divine Presence. The Divine Presence – don’t think that there is only one level. The Divine Presence is where the Prophets are, only the Prophets can reach it. And the Awliyas also have access to a level in the Divine Presence that no one other than themselves can reach, because the Divine Lights at this level burn them. They can’t take it. And the level of Awliya, saints, according to their stations, is going to be different. Not everyone has the same level in the Divine Presence. The level in the Divine Presence is not the same for all, no!

The Presence of Sayyidina Rasoolallah (s) 

Sultanul ‘Arifin Abayazid, asked to reach the oceans of ma’rifat of the Prophet (s). He was asking to come closer, to approach the Station of the Prophet (s) and tried to reach it. But, haatif Rabbani — A Heavenly Voice — heavenly news arose: “O Abayazid, Be careful! Between you and The Seal of the Prophets, there are 10,000 oceans of Light. ” 10,000 oceans of nur (Light). Yet he said, “Even if it’s only the first, I will try to reach it.” And he asked to move on. Another message was manifested from the heavens – “O Abayazid, Be careful! If you take one step towards this first ocean of nur, you will be burned, you will have no more existence and you will have no more chance of find your existence again, no more chance. You will no longer exist. No more chance for you, this Light will burn you and you will never be able to go back to the station you are in. You will no longer exist! “
Where is the Prophetic Presence? Where is he present! Divinely present. What do you think? Therefore, do not think that you are trying to reach our station in Divine Presence when you say: We are trying to reach Divine stations.
You do not know where you are and where your station is in the Divine Presence.

Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar!

Therefore, when a servant tries to move forward in the way, what we call “suluk,”the way to the Divine Presence is only for him. You cannot find two people at the same level. Everyone is different, a different level in Divine Presence or a different station in Divine Presence. And in all of our worship and prayers, we must try to reach our station in Divine Presence, only for ourselves, to come closer and closer, from our station to our station in Divine Presence. What we do is nothing to Allah. Getting closer and closer, it is only for ourselves that we do it.
This means that even if we live billions of years, we will not be able to achieve anything on our own. It is not enough to live billions of years in worship to reach our station in Divine Presence. But we have to prepare to reach this station. And if Allah Almighty is satisfied with your actions and your worship, He will give you as He said: “If My servant draws near to me by one step, I draw closer to him by 10 steps”. As you walk towards your station in His Divine Presence, He causes you to reach 10, 10 Power, giving you 10 each time you take a step forward. And these 10 become 100, these 100 become 1000, these 10,000 become 10,000, these 10,000 into 100,000. That is why what you are doing is nothing and has no value, no power. But Allah looks at your intention and according to your intention, He opens the Way for you. This is why in Islam intention is the most important factor in every worship: because it allows you to come closer to the Divine Presence, to reach your station in the Divine Presence on the level reserved for you and which belongs to you. May Allah forgive us.