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Spiritual Pleasure and Eternity

Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Raheem

As Salam alaykum wa Rahmatullah wa Barakatuhu.

By the Name of Allah, Most Magnificent and Most Munificent.

We are asking our meeting is a holy meeting. We are fed up from meetings that are not from the Lord of Heavens. Everywhere you will find meetings and gatherings but all of them are tasteless – no taste. Because taste and enjoyment is coming through your soul to your physical being.
Don’t think that taste and enjoyment is coming from outside to you, but you must ask happiness, contentment, satisfaction and pleasure from yourself to yourself. What is coming from outside is temporary. When thirsty, you drink. When you are coming here – no more taste. The first night can’t continue into other nights, always coming down.
Every pleasure that man can taste through material being is going to be less, less, less, then finished, stopped. If something is full with honey you may take one spoon first, it is so good. You are taking a second one, it is a pleasure; taking a third spoon – good; taking a fourth, and saying, “Enough.” If I am insisting you should take more, five or six spoons, you say, “Enough.” Why? It is honey, so sweet, why aren’t you taking? By force you may take seven spoons, then if I am saying “you must eat much more, eight or nine.” Even if I insist you can’t eat. Why? It is honey! Taste! Yes! The first spoonful is tasteful and up to two or three, but after that and you are feeling?
That is an example, particularly with young people who are beginning to compete with their physical reaching of physical enjoyments. It is a good example how things are not going to continue as they are beginning. Day by day coming down, weekly coming down, monthly coming down, yearly coming down; then finished. But spiritual pleasure is the opposite. Whoever is asking for spiritual pleasure, it is not decreasing. You may be coming down in abilities but it is increasing. You may be one hundred years old, you may be ninety years old, you may be more than one hundred years old, but your feelings remain so fresh, so lovely.
Therefore I am happy to look here and see many youngsters attending. I know you tasted everything in this life more or less, and everyone knows that enjoyment of this life is mixed with disliked things with so many tasteless events happening to you or happening around you. You can’t even be able to make this material taste pure, never. But you are tasting up to today enjoyment for your youth but now you are asking and it is your right to ask for some never-ending enjoyment, never getting less. That is your right. And in our days it is difficult to find a source, a pure source to give to you or to all youngsters what they are in need of a pure enjoyment, a pure pleasure, forever. And everyone’s target is to reach to endless and pure enjoyment and pleasure and happiness and contentment. People are asking such things through material aspects. Material aspects are never taking you to that pure source. No, pure sources come from the heavens. Not from earth but from the heavens. Pure sources are brought by holy ones who are belonging to heavens among mankind from the One Who created man, Who created earth, Who created everything for you, Who granted to you never-ending favours.
But you are not running after that. You are going to be cheated through your material being to run after material aspects. And people are thinking it is the main means for reaching to never-ending pleasures and we said it is impossible. And pure sources is coming from heavens. Who reaches to them, may drink. Who drinks it, never gets thirsty but they will never be satisfied by drinking, they are drinking not for thirst but they are drinking to reach much more pleasure. Therefore all Prophets are looking and seeing and knowing through traditional knowledge that no prophet ever lived in a palace. Do you think? Holy ones mostly lived in caves or in very simple huts, never seeking such material pleasures. I am telling you about Jesus Christ peace be upon him, who was traveling from East to West and from North to South. Once he met a person on top of a mountain who was sitting, and he saluted him saying “Salamu alaykum,” and he replied, “Wa alaykum salam.” Greetings, giving and taking. Jesus said, “Who are you?” The man replied, “I am a humble servant for my Lord, I am here trying to keep this Divine Service.”
That is the highest honour to you – all mankind, to be in the Lord’s Divine Service. If here you belong to Her Majesty’s Royal Service you should be so proud, “We are Royalty because I am from the staff of Her Majesty the Queen and in her Royal Service.” What about your Lord’s service?
All prophets are calling you to be in the Almighty’s Divinely Service. Why are you not accepting? What are you doing for twenty-four hours? For whom is your service, your daily service? Even if you are giving a few minutes for your Lord’s Divinely Service, tell me! No one is saying, “Yes we are.” No, that person (on the mountain) was saying “I am one who is keeping my Lord’s Divine Service here. I am for Him, Almighty.” Jesus Christ said, “Where is your home?” And the man said, “No home for me – the whole world belongs to my Lord and anywhere that I am, I am in His Divinely Service. I am not in need of a home here.” “Why, there are days and nights. At night time you may go in and take your rest. It should rain, and sunshiney hot days, there may be freezing weather!”
The man said, “Oh Ruhullah!” The Holy Spirit is with Jesus Christ. When the man said “Ruhullah,” which means “the Holy Spirit of the Lord Almighty Allah,” Jesus Christ said, “How do you know I am that one? How do you say this?” “Doesn’t the person who is at the entrance of the Lord’s Divine Service, know about you? Why shouldn’t I know that you are that one, Jesus Christ, Oh Jesus? One reason that I am not going to live in a small hut, is that there were so many prophets visiting me before who were telling me that I am only going to live for seven hundred years. Therefore I cannot see the wisdom for a person to occupy himself building and living in a building for only seven hundred years.” And Jesus Christ was smiling and laughing and saying, “Oh my Lord’s servant, for seven hundred years you are not even going to live in a small hut? But after me there is another prophet coming named Arablitos.” Arablitos in Arabic means Ahmed, the name of the Last Prophet, Sayiddina Muhammad, peace be upon him. And his nation’s ages are never going to be much more than sixty or seventy years.
Sometimes I am going to (lead the funeral service) bury some people, dead people, not live ones! In cemeteries I am visiting dead persons and on the gravestones of the dead person it is written mostly they are aged between fifty-five, fifty-eight, sixty-five, seventy. The life age of people is coming down.
And Jesus was saying that they are such foolish people that will live at that time, how are they building such strong high buildings for living only sixty or seventy years of age. “What about you?” Jesus was saying to that servant. “Oh Jesus. If I am only living sixty or seventy years, I would be prostrating my whole life till my life finishes and the angel of death comes and takes my soul – I would not be looking at anything else. One sajda, one prostration to my Lord, it is enough.”
Those people who understand the reality of mankind; what is their mission? They understand the real mission of mankind. We don’t know, we are asking, for example, “why not six legs”…. as we look under the microscope, and “how does it grow?” We care about things around us but we are not asking what is our mission, why are we here? Why have we been found here? We are not asking. Therefore you must know what your mission is. Those people they know why they are in this life on this planet, but you are not asking.
Twentieth century people are more and more proud for such technology, but… they are giving everything that has been granted to them to machines. Even now, there is a very new fashion; never carrying anything in their heads, just putting all of it into a computer. What is the head for? And if I am asking if there is anything inside, they are saying “no,” Empty? “Yes, like a football.” They are putting everything into computers, why? They are so proud. Yes, that pride makes people refuse to ask about their mission, their purpose. Because if a person understands his mission, he must change his life direction. At that time everyone is going to know or must know or should know his life’s direction is wrong. It’s not the Lord of Heavens that is guiding us in a wrong direction. Therefore they are saying ‘we are not interested’. They are not interested in knowledge or wisdoms coming from Heavens.
Therefore I am saying that all holy men, the whole of prophets and saints are only interested in Divine Service, in seeking the Divine Presence of their Lord. Therefore there was no time for them to build too much or to run after nonsense enjoyment of our physical being. Your physical being can take so much enjoyment but finally it is going to be dust. You are going to be dust. And what you gave to your physical being is going to be nothing.
They – holy people know. Therefore they never run after their physical enjoyment because physical enjoyment gives nothing to a person. When you are in your Lord’s Divine Presence every time a new enjoyment just rests on you. New Light is covering you and new wisdoms are coming on you and a new love is covering you and a new beauty is dressed on you. Why are you escaping? Why are we escaping? All of us, not only you. All of us are escaping from the endless, endless favours granted from the Lord of Heavens to us. And we are just the most chosen creatures, the most beloved creatures, the most respected creatures, the most honoured creatures, and we are kicking all of this, running after nonsense….
Oh youngsters, yesterday you were small ones, today you are young people. Yesterday I was like you but today time is running out. Time is running out. They are taking you from one to two. From two to three, from three to four, days, weeks, months, years taking you. Don’t think that time is standing, waiting for you, no.
There is a moving pathway at airports which I use when I am tired, some people said when I stand on it, without walking it will take me. Standing like this.. People are saying, ‘Oh Sheikh, take care for yourself, you may fall.’ What happened? Oh, finished, end of walkway. When your way is finishing you must fall down, finish. You can’t stand up on your legs. Walking legs cannot walk. Catching hands can’t catch. Speaking tongues can’t speak. Looking eyes can’t look. Hearing ears can’t hear. Working heart; no more tick tock.
One day, coming for everyone. It is not a permanent life, it is temporary. One, two, three, four, five, six… It is continuing and everyone’s life is just appointed, no less or no more, you must fulfill your breaths. Everyone has twenty-four thousand breaths a day and every breath is taking us closer to the end. One day is going to be the last day for me, for you, for him, for her.
Therefore don’t be cheated and accept what your Lord has granted you from His endless favours. Give your thanks, give your love, your most respect to your Lord, so then you should be happy here and hereafter, then day by day you are not going to melt but you would grow and your pleasure would climb, and your last day for you should be your best day.
There is a wise, traditional example. Oh people, when you are born you are crying, with the first welcoming from your mother, small ones beginning by crying not laughing. You saw any baby laughing instead of crying? You saw? Not even smiling? But crying. Around that new baby the mother is smiling and the others showing happiness because a new one has come, but that one is crying. And the holy man’s wisdom is advising to everyone, ‘Oh people, the first day that you are coming to this life everyone around you is laughing, they are happy. But if you have a first day, you must have a last day. It is for everyone. When the last day is coming, people around you are going to cry. People are crying for you. Try, at that time, to smile. To be seen that you are smiling. Because you are facing, from your Lord, good tidings. You are being welcomed by your Lord. Your Lord is saying, “My servant is coming to Me.” May Allah bless you and forgive me.

It is possible to continue up to morning but he who understands through a few words, even a few words is enough for him, if a person has an understanding. If not understanding, no understanding for him, even if you try until morning to make him understand, he is never going to understand. Therefore I hope that all of you are educated and you are people with a good level of understanding, and I don’t want you to be fed up with me, because if you are going to be fed up with me, you’re not asking me to come again.
And it is enough…. May Allah bless you and give you from His endless favours and give you eternal life. Try to be for eternity. So sweet word, eternity. Eternity. Every pure heart runs after that word, I like it too much.
O youngsters! You are like my grandsons and granddaughters. Ask to be for eternity. Make your efforts and aims for eternity, you should reach endless happiness, endless enjoyments. Don’t say, “I am this, I am that.” No, it is not important. Are you asking eternity or not? Do you think that you would like to be for eternity? That is important, He is not looking to you for anything else only, “Are My servants asking for Me or not?”
Titles are only what you are dressing in. All titles are only clothes in this life. When it is taken away it is a naked body, you can’t look at it, finished, this dead body is like wood, timber. Nothing is in it. You may say that was a King, that was a Queen, that was a President, that was a Sheikh, that was government, that was a knight, but it was only with clothes. Who is dressed with these eternal clothes, they are going with that honor to their Lord’s Divine Presence. When they are not asking that honor, but asking honor through clothes, finally they are taking clothes and putting them in museums. So many important uniforms, dresses, but the people who wore those clothes – finished.
Therefore my advice to you. I am a believer and you are believers. My advice is the same advice from the first prophet up to the last prophet; Oh people! Come to eternity. Come to eternal life. Come to eternal honor that the Lord of Heavens prepares for you and calling you. May Allah grant it to you.
Allah Allah….. Those who are for eternity, their faces are never going to change, but their faces are going to be in lights here and hereafter. Always they are going to be nice and beloved and full with lights. Their whole being will be surrounded by lights, some of them will be seen and mostly not seen also. Thank you for your attention.