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Rewards for Sadaqa

bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Raheem was-salaat was-salaam `ala Sayyidina Muhammadin wa `ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam


Small illnesses are for small sins, great illnesses for great sins…May Allah not deprive us of the faiz, the Divine Outpourings, of Ramadan…To pronounce “Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim” in the holy month of Ramadan is not the same as saying it in the other months. Every good deed, `amal salih, counts 70 times in this month. Ramadan is the month of gathering precious ‘jewels and gold’, because Allah is paying for the good deeds fawq-ul ‘ala, with above what is High.

In every night the blessings are different, the thirty nights are like thirty springs – each one different from the other. Allah has so many sources, He is Jalla Jalaluhu…They think it is a joke…Don’t go around without having wudhu!

Shukr, ya Rabbi! Let us to say and praise Your mighty Name with our tongues: Allah, ya Jalil…Allah, dhul Jalal!’

They envy us for making Dhikr and mentioning His Name…Shukr…Shukr…Shukr! Don’t be afraid! Whoever is saying “Shukr” will not fall on the Sirat, the Bridge [that each person must cross, over hell], nor will he fall into hell, and he will not die from a terrible illness. Illness escapes from a grateful person who says “Shukr.” So for saying “Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim” once there is a seventy-fold reward. Everything that you do in Ramadan is precious and full of blessings. What is given during this month of rewards is not given in all the other months…So give and don’t be afraid- Allah will give to you… With their knowledge and the inventions developed some people are above all other nations. No one is ahead of them. Now they even built tea-machines that produce seven different kinds of tea…They also invented the paper-money …Now there is paper instead of gold and silver…and now we have credit-cards.

In old times buying and selling was done with Salawat and Basmala, and buyer as well as seller took their share of the blessings. And the goods never finished. You can still see the blessings in Makkah: after the night-prayer millions of people do their shopping, but in the morning you see the shops full just like before, nothing is missing. The goods go and come. That is because of the Baraka that Allah gave to that place.

Allah is saying: “What you give for My sake, I am not accepting, rather I give it back to you ten-fold’”. There are five kinds of Sadaqa: One kind is rewarded 1-to-1, another one is rewarded 1-to-10, another 1-to-70, the fourth kind is rewarded 1-to-700 and for one kind of Sadaqa there is endless reward from Allah Almighty Himself.

1-to-1 is for Haraam-money, the money for example that is gained in banks, because to take interest is not allowed in Islam. And you have to know what to do with that money.

There was one rich Arab in London who received millions of pounds sterling for the money he put in the bank. He refused to take it, because he said in Islam it is not allowed, but the bank said they couldn’t take it back. Then the bank took the money and donated it for the restoration of a cathedral in England…The reward for Sadaqa from Haram-money is 1-to-1.

If you give to someone who comes to your door to beg, your reward is 1-to-10. If you give to poor neighbours, your reward is 1-to-70. If you give to poor relatives, the reward is 1-to-700. Endless reward is for those who give money to strengthen Islam, to make it to stand up and to keep it strong. That reward is not written by the angels but by Allah Almighty Himself with His Hand of Power [yad il-qudra]. For example, the money can be used to build or keep Mosques, Dergahs, Zawaya, Madrasas, Waqifs. As it is Allah Who gave to you – why do you fear to give?

Allah says: “I am sending provision in unknown and unexpected ways to My servant’”. Therefore Allah doesn’t want employees in mosques – it is His attribute to provide for His servants in His way. They should not eat from the Bait-ul-Mal. Don’t tie yourself in regard to payment – tie yourself to Allah! But we are running after the rubbish of the Dunya to collect it. Collect jewels instead!

May Allah give us a mind oriented toward Akhirat. If we don’t look after Akhirat first, the mind also doesn’t function in Dunya…The proof: If our mind was functioning well, this world would be like paradise.