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Returning Your Lord’s Favors

Bismillah alrahman arrahim, La hawla wa la kuwwata illah billah al`ali al`azim,

This is not a lecture but an association. Lectures are in Universities. We are more than university people. You know more than university students, therefore, we are not in need of lectures, but associations for reminding what you know and making it not to be known by your egoes. It is a rememberance and reminder.

We must always ask His pleasure. That is, mens’ main target is to look for their Lord’s pleasure. Kings must look for their Lords’ pleasure. Emperors must look for their Lord’s pleasure. How can they make their Lord pleased with them?

We are here not to collect this world’s treasures because you can collect and can have everything from it, but you must know that you can not use them. Even now, everyone is asking to have everything for his own self, not to give to anyone else anything. Even though he can not use it all. You can have treasures but you can not use it all for yourself. You can use a small amount but our ego is never getting satisfaction with small amounts. Asking to have everything for his own. That is nonesense. If he leaves his ego to reach everything – every treasure and not thinking about his Lord’s pleasure, then he accomplished nothing ! he accomplished nothing. He is going to be repentant, going to be sorrowful endlessly but never going to be usefull for humans. Finally he will repent, because when time is over and his chance just finished – we have been granted only one chance to have our Lord pleased with us, If you did that, you are lucky, very lucky. Everything you reached in this life will leave [you can not carry] and must go away. Therefore, we are trying to make our lord pleased with us. We must think of it that every action that we are doing, our target is to make our lord pleased with us.

We must learn this, and this is the teaching of all prophets. From beginning to end.

Adam, peace be upon him. He was the first prophet and first man. First man and first prophet. First man in paradise, created in paradise. He was first man in paradise. And Allah almighty making him pleased.

Adam wasn’t pleased when he was created. Adam was created in paradise and everything in paradise looking at him, and he wasn’t pleased. And his Lord knowing that he wasn’t pleased, because if man is alone he is not going to be pleased. Loneliness. Not for men. Therefore if you are going to be alone in London city what are you going to do? Go everywhere ! Buckingham palace- no one there, Oxford street – no one there. Therefore everyone living must look – that this person is giving a piece to me. Because if I am alone here I will not be able in confidence to be happy. But since London is full with people and people are enjoying each other – this is a grant, blessing from Allah almighty that millions are living in this city.

Adam was alone. Do you think that in paradise there will be one hundred men. If whole London is going to be men, all around, no one else, all around no one else, men will end up mad people. And the Lord of heavens knowing what would make Adam pleased – There is no sleeping in Paradise. Sleeping HERE. We get tired and ask to sleep. But not in paradise, no one going to be tired –

The Lord taking a rib bone and created Eve, our mother. Adam was very happy. Allah almighty knowing and granting men and from his blessing was trying to make his servant pleased.

If Allah is making you pleased, is it not true that you have to make Him pleased with you? Allah almighty, everything he created on earth to please us. But it means nothing if there isn’t our ladies. It means, even Paradise has no value if our ladies are not there. Yes, useless. What I mean to say, the Lord of heavens created everything on this earth to make you pleased. Is it so or not? Why are you not thinking to make Him pleased, Ya Himar! Ya animals! They are not asking to make their lord pleased with them, they are going down to the level of animals. Men must try to make their Lord pleased with them, because the Lord asking to make us pleased, always with his endless favors. He is trying to make mankind to be pleased in pleasure- everything, under our command. And we are not thinking to make our Lord pleased with us! These people are making their level below that of animals.

Ula’ka kal an`am bal hum adal.(Quran 7:179 and 25:44)

The Lord almighty, Allah saying that their level is that of animals, but really their level is below that of animals. Therefore, men and women, you must try to make your Lord pleased with you. He is giving you please throughout your whole life and you are not giving ! Then punishment.

Yes, Adam peace be upon him, was very pleased. He became so pleased, you can not imagine. Just completed his pleasure with Eve, our mother. Then everything that happened is to teach mankind. And for Adam and Eve, Allah is addressing them: “Oh my servants, this paradise is for you – everything. Make yourselves pleased and enjoy everything. This pleasure is for you, and I am making that tree for my pleasure. Don’t touch it! don’t eat! This is my pleasure. Keep it. This is my favor. keep it. Don’t approach. keep my pleasure.”

Then Shaytan making Eve and Adam – they are not thinking. Allah is making them pleased with everything , and Shaytan is not making them think about it, that Allah’s pleasure must be kept. They cut it. When they are coming and eating they are not taking care of their Lord’s pleasure. Then quickly Allah almighty is saying, Oh my servants! I did for you my best to make you pleased in paradise, for your pleasure and I was saying this tree this is my pleasure. You are not keeping my pleasure? GET OUT! GO AWAY! … Sending them down.

Therefore, everyone must look, the biggest lesson and teaching for us. If you are not keeping His pleasure then no pleasure for you forever. If you are asking His pleasure, you should be pleased every time here and hereafter. Biggest lesson. Teachings from Allah almighty. keep it and you shall be happy.