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Position of Prophet Muhammad (s) on the Last Day

The Last of the Prophets, Sayyidina Muhammad, Peace be Upon Him, is the most humble person of all mankind; no one can attain to his humbleness in the Divine Presence. Humility is the most beloved attribute of mankind in the eyes of Allah Almighty. To whatever extent we can be humble just so much is our Lord raising us higher; as much as a person is proud in front of his Lord, that much his Lord will debase him.

Allah Almighty raised His Beloved Muhammad to the highest ranks in the Divine Presence and entrusted him with the distribution of ranks to all mankind according to their need. The ranks of the various Propphets and Saints have been divided up and bestowed by Muhammad, and also, for believers in general, their ranks of faith (Iman) have been given by him. Allah Almighty has deputized the Prophet Muhammad to judge every creature, but he is never judging beyond that authority—that authority may extend to every creature but Allah Almighty is the Judge of Judges and He holds in His Hand judgment for all creatures including Muhammad. Grandsheikh was saying that Allah Almighty may open up to His Prophet the reality of being judge for all creatures on the Last Day. He will give to him authority to be judge for all people gathering on the Last Day in the Divine Presence. On that day, the Prophet’s authority for judgment will appear. To know this is enough to know the honor belonging to our Prophet, who said in a hadith: “On that day Adam and all the Prophets will be under my flag. I am not saying this from pride, but only to inform you so you may believe in what my Lord is giving me on the Last Day; on that day all Prophets will be under my flag by the order of Allah Almighty, and by His command I am informing you so that you may know every one’s rank in the Divine Presence.”

When Adam’s soul was first blown into him, he looked up to the throne of Allah; later, when he sinned in Paradise and Allah Almighty sent him to Earth, he asked his Lord, “Oh my Lord, for the sake of Muhammad, forgive me.” Allah Almighty asked him, “Oh Adam, how did you know Muhammad when yet he is not created?” “Oh my Lord, when my soul entered my body and I first opened my eyes, I looked to Your throne, where I saw written, “There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is His Messenger” (La ilaha illallah, Muhammadun Rasulallah), and so I know that he must be the most beloved person to You Almighty and the most honorable of creatures that his name may be thus written alongside Yours. Allah Almighty answered Adam, “Yes, you are right, he is My beloved, and is so respectable in My sight that I created the whole Universe for his sake; if you ask Me for forgiveness for his sake, I shaIl forgive you and shall be merciful with your sons as well.”

Allah Almighty will give authority to Muhammad on the Last Day. On that day Allah will judge everyone, and when He is finished with His judgment He will call Muhammad to the most praised station (al-Maqam-ul-Mahmud), which no one else can reach. Allah Almighty shall say, “Ask, and whatever you want shall be granted to you, for these people are now subject to your judgment.” This is the meaning of the Qur’anic saying that Muhammad was not sent but as a mercy to the worlds.