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Man was Created to Worship

Say: “Audhu billahi min ash-shaytan ir-rajim”. Not everyone can go against Shaytan (like Sayyidina `Umar from whom Shaytan was escaping). Don’t say that you are strong enough against him! In reality Shaytan has no power. But even a small virus for example can kill a man tall who is strong as a tree. And there are insects that sit on every form of filth and then land on you to pass on that filth. Don’t say that you are stronger! No! It can destroy you. If you don’t pay attention, even Shaytan, whose plans against mankind are weak can still harm you and make you lose your way, like he has done to all the people of the 21st century. With what they do, they follow him, they don’t go against him, because they don’t use: “Audhu billahi min ash-shaytan ir-rajim.” They forgot it – starting from the presidents and the generals. Nobody who gives a talk in the Islamic world starts with these words anymore. In the non-Muslim world anyway they don’t use “Audhu billahi min ash-shaytan ir-rajim”, but there are 40 to 50 Islamic states and they don’t say it either. They became proud and puffed up like a balloon – the inside is empty, full only of air, and one needle can make it to explode.

Megalomania and egoism has grown up everywhere, but greatness and glory, `Adhamat and Kibriya, are only for Allah… Man is born into the world as a baby of 5 kg, then grows up to 1½ or 2 meters, but after that, how much they can grow? And the Holy Prophet (s) was astonished at mankind’s arrogance saying: “Man is between urine and excrement, two channels that excrete filth – how can he be proud, when all the time filth emerges from him?”

The Holy Prophet (s) said: ‘I am sitting like a slave and eating like a slave’. These words should be enough to transform people into true human beings, not to give themselves any importance in the Presence of Allah. In the Shahada we say: ‘Muhammadan `abduhu’ (Muhammad is His Servant) first, and then’… wa rasuluh’ (and His Prophet). But people don’t work for Allah, only for their ego, and they say that they don’t have time for worshipping. For what you are created? But they have time to sit in the coffee-houses… And if they go to the mosque, they are always looking at their watch… Whoever is able to control his ego, will rise. For this purpose all Saints made associations, sohbat – to transform people into human beings. If not, man is nothing but a speaking animal. Whoever does not the follow Prophets (as) will remain as an animal, no matter what clothes he adorns his body with. Clothes do not change a man’s characteristics. So many people will appear before the Almighty with their animalistic attributes, because they didn’t change. Then the veils will be taken from their eyes and they will be shown the film of their life and they will be asked “are you viewing the life of a human being or an animal?” Man is created to become a perfect human being, Insan Kamil, and to arrive like that in the Divine Presence! Nowadays everyone has turned against Islam, because it transforms men into human beings and strengthens their souls. Without strengthening your soul, you will not become a human being, because the character of animality is enveloping you.

There are no holidays in Islam. A Muslim is always on duty. Even on a Friday, after the congregational prayer, Muslims work. Everyone else takes one or two days each week. But that means that after the second day you have to start afresh to catch up to where you had reached before. You spend up to Wednesday to catch up, and by Thursday you are ready to prepare yourself for the weekend… No – in Islam there is continuity. Only at Bayram, Eid, there are three days holiday. Without continuity also the children do not learn anything at school.