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Bayazid’s 24,000 Expansions

Our Grandsheikh was saying that whoever has real spiritual exercises, if he can complete them, there may appear from himself many forms like himself. Firstly there may be three then seven, having the same shape and bodily powers, but in seven different places, each independent, looking, acting and knowing. This power grows from one completing exercise under the supervision of a Perfect Master: Murshidun Kamil.

Abu Yazid once prayed one Juma’a prayer in 24,000 different places. He told the religious authorities in one place: “I was praying in 12,000 different houses of worship today.” They asked: “How?” He said, “By the power of the Lord Almighty. If you don’t believe me, send people around to ask.” They sat and waited until messengers returned saying that he was seen in so many places. Abu Yazid said later: “I was afraid to say 24,000, so I only said 12,000.”

Allah says that when planting one grain of wheat, it disappears into the earth and becomes seven ears, each ear with a hundred grains, 700 grains coming from one. If a person gives his body to be nothing, Allah gives a body from His Divine Presence. Don’t be surprised about Allah’s actions; He is al-Qadir, The All-Powerful. But no one agrees to be nothing, everyone is asking to be something, to be, to be, to be, even in religion. In Tariqat also, people ask miracles and heavenly vision, no one likes to be nothing. When agreeing to be nothing, you will be all things. The Palace of Unity is not open to those saying ‘we are something’. You must enter into Khalwat, seclusion, not thinking to come out, finished, addressing to your ego; “Don’t think that you are coming out and able to do miracles. I am going to bury you. My sheikh will send the Angel to take your soul.” Then it will be real seclusion, otherwise it is only training. For the first condition, the sheikh looks to the disciple to see if desires of the ego are still running in his heart. Ego must be finished there; then to such a person ready for death, all keys to treasures can be trusted. This body must be taken. Everyone will die. Some may offer themselves to death with their willpower. This does not mean killing oneself, but killing the ego’s desires. Then you are ready for Divine powers.

Abu Yazid was such a hard fighter to ego. People asked him, “What is the most difficult fighting?”. He replied: “You can’t live up to it at all.” “And what is the lightest fighting?” “Maybe you may listen a little. I called my ego to come out to pray: It said, ‘but I want to sleep’. I told it ‘Enough, leave sleeping and get up!’ ‘But I like to sleep’. ‘I swear by God won’t give you any sleeping or drinking one year if you don’t get up.’ This is lightest fighting to my greatest enemy.”

For twelve years he was in a dry well; he buried himself there to make his soul free for the whole Universe; free to wear any body. These are most expensive pearls, only Kings and Queens may put them on their heads. For them you must sacrifice your ego. We’re now only listening, but saints are also from mankind, and perhaps they are weaker than us; but they know the Lord and He is All- Powerful. You must do everything for His sake. Say: “Oh Lord, we are needy.”