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Explanation of True Sufiyya

Wa qaal al-Hasan ibn al-Mansour: A-sufiyyu wahidun fidh-dhaati Laa yaqbalahu ahadun Wa laa yaqbalu ahadan Wa qeela as-sufiyyu kal-ardi yutrahu `alayhi kullu qabeehin Wa laa yakhruju minhu illa kullu maleehin Wa yata’uhu al-barru wal-faajiru Wa qaalu min aqbahi kulli qabeehin sufiyyunshaheehun Wa qaal ash-shibliyu as-sufiyyu munqati`un `anil-khalqi muttasilan bil-haqqi `Ikaz al-himmam fee sharhi al-hikam li Ahmad bin Muhammad bin `Ajiba al-Hasani, p. 4.

Al-Hasan ibn al-Mansour said: The Sufi is annihilated in the Essence, No one accepts him, And he accepts no one. The Sufi is like the earth, he accepts all forms of garbage, And nothing comes from him except that which is sweet, And on him steps the good and the sinner,

And they said from the ugliest of ugly is a stingy “Sufi”,

And Shibli said the Sufi is cutoff from creatures and connected to the Truth.

From The Commentary of the Hikam of Ibn Ata’illah as-Sakandari by Ibn `Ajiba.

It is said, “Saahib al-haal la tatahammalah ul-jibaalu wa haadha madhharun liman wasala ila haqiqat al-fana’. The possessor of states cannot be carried even by the mountains and this is an appearance for one who has reached the station of the reality of annihilation.
Hasan ibn al-Mansour wrote of the one who became annihilated (fani) in the love of Allah swt, maqaam al-fana’; the one who lost his sense of self in wonderment and awe before Allah swt’s Absolute Existence. Such a person is difficult for the people to accept. When he reaches that maqam, and wishes to divulge his station, whatever he does will be different from what common people do. For that reason awliya-ullah who reach that maqam hide themselves.
And the example of that from the Holy Qur’an is the story of Sayyidina Khidr – he did what people don’t usually do; things that even Sayyidina Musa (as) could not accept. Allah teaches us by means of that example, to learn, not because Musa (as) is lesser in station – for he is one of the five Ouli’l-`azham, tremendous Prophets and no one can reach the level of the prophets, nor of the Sahaba even – but to show us the example of one brought near to Allah,