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Habib, the King of Sham

One day the Prophet (sas) was sitting with his companions when people arrived and invited him to meet with the unbelievers of the Quraish. When he asked why they were asking to meet with him he was told that Habib, the King of Sham, was visiting. The people of Quraish loved Habib. They called him Rayhan ash-Sham. And Habib wanted to meet this Muhammad (sas) who called himself the Prophet of God and was causing division among the people.

Ali (ra) and S. Khadija (ra) begged him not to go, but he insisted that he must. The Prophet (sas) put on his black turban, the one he wore for war, and he went.

All the men of Quraish were gathered under the palm trees. Habib and his army were with them. When they saw the face of the Prophet (sas), beautiful like the moon, they were ready to believe. They prepared a golden chair in front of King Habib for the Prophet (sas) to sit on. Then king Habib asked if it was true that he was insulting the gods of their ancestors. The Prophet (sas) began reciting The Quran. King Habib was moved to tears and he asked the Prophet (sas) for a miracle to confirm what he felt.

Habib asked, although it was only ‘Asr, that the sun should set and the moon should rise. Then he asked that the Prophet (as) should split the moon in half.

Jibrail (as) told the Prophet to pray two rak`ats and then ask. Allah would grant his request. The Prophet (as) did this.

The sun went down. Allah opened one needle hole in the veil of Hell to let a small amount of its dark- ness seep out. The people were terrified at the intense blackness.

Then the moon came up. The Prophet (sas) pointed his finger and the moon split. One side went down, the other up and it made Shahada in the sky. Then the moon set and the sun returned and they all saw that it was still ‘Asr time.  

Many of the people became Muslim at this time but not Abu Jahl. He called the Prophet (sas) a magician. King Habib became Muslim.

The King had one sorrow that he kept locked in his heart. Jibrail (as) told the Prophet (sas) that secret sorrow. Habib had a daughter who was mentally retarded and crippled. He kept her safe in a special palace. The Prophet (sas) told Habib that when he reached home he would find her healed.

Habib announced that he had brought with him thirty thousand soldiers and they would all take Shahada. The Prophet (sas) recited Surat an-Nasr and began to weep. They asked if he cried in happiness. He replied that he was crying because just as people were at that time entering Islam in large groups, so at the end of time people would leave Islam in large groups.

Habib went home where his daughter received him like the full moon. He sent two messengers to the Prophet (sas) carrying great gifts of treasure but Abu Jahl intercepted them and took the camels and the gold. He said they belonged to him because he was the rightful king of Quraish. The Prophet (sas) said to let the camels decide. All night Abu Jahl prayed to his idols and talked to the camels. But the next day when the Prophet (sas) passed the tail of his turban over the faces of the camels they spoke in plain Arabic. They said they were sent from Habib, the King of Sham, to Muhammad (sas), the Prophet of God.

Then the Quraish began to complain that Muhammad (sas) was rich and must be doing what he was doing for money. So the Prophet (sas) led the camels, laden with their treasure, to Mt. Qubays and ordered it all to become sand. By Allah’s Will the treasure became ordinary sand.;