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The Night of Immense Worth

It is the month of the Night of Immense Worth (Laylatul-Qadr). A large number of the commentators have said that deeds done on that night are better than the deeds of 1,000 months which do not contain a Night of Immense Worth. Ibn al-`Imad said: “We have sent it down on the Night of Immense Worth” indicates that the night is better than the day. A thousand months add up to 83 years and four months, or 30,000 days and 30,000 nights.

Ibn `Abd al-Salam said in his Qawa`id (Rules): “The good deed (al-hasana) on that Night is better than 30,000 good deeds on another.” Abu Bakr al-Warraq said: “Solomon’s kingdom was five hundred months, and Dhu al-Qarnayn’s kingdom was five hundred months, and God has made the deeds done during that night outweigh both kingdoms.”

It is related from Ibn Mas`ud that he said: “It is incumbent upon the believer to intend spending it in prayer from the very first night of the month of Muharram (the first month of the year) to the end of the year, so that he will most certainly chance upon it.” Nawawi said: “None is granted the benefit of its excellence except he to whom God shows its exact occurrence.” Mawardi said: “And it is desirable for him who knows it, not to reveal it.”