The following article appeared in the spiritual magazine phenomeNEWS.

Interview with Shaikh Hisham Kabani

phenomeNEWS: What does your name mean?

Shaikh: Hisham means “From the descendants of the Prophet Muhammad and his family.” I have another name my Master gave me, which means “The support of God is always with us, always in the heart.”

P: What should we do about the earth changes happening now? What do you see as the lesson to us?

Everything will come out better. The changes occurring now are the end of corruption. Love ends corruption. We hope that perhaps even by the year 2000, there will be no more corruption in this world. It is going to finish. Some saints are being supported by their Lord to spread Sufi teachings throughout the world now, as Judaism was spread, Christianity, all religions. Now Sufi teachings are going to be spread between East and West, North and South.

P: Enlightened people will help usher in an Age of Enlightenment?

Of course. There is coming true now, prophecies you may have read about in books. There are major changes in teachings, in what is revealed now in books. But we cannot say everything that will come. It must be kept secret.

Now we are living in a dark age, we are living in an age in which saints are not showing or using their powers. People are showing their cruel side, the evil side and corruption is growing. Some saints have the power in five minutes to change the heart of any human being from evil to good. Why do they not use this power? Because they do not have permission yet, they are waiting. That power is only going to appear at the end of this age and that’s why all saints now are waiting for the upcoming years, even those whose bodies have died and their spiritis are here on earth to guide and help the living. That event is going to be the Golden Age, which is coming in front of us. That time is going to be the happiest time that has been on this earth, when there is no more hatred or enmity, when all saints come together and people follow them for forty years. After forty years there will be another time of declining and then the end of this world will come.

P: Is there a way to prepare for these changes?

Enlightened masters in all countries are preparing their followers with limited power because there is not permission to reveal and use miraculous power. Sufism from its beginning was supported by the miraculous power of its saints but that miraculous power is not allowed to be used now. Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan is not using it, but is using the ordinary way to teach. They are not going into a higher level of consciousness because if they go to a higher level… ohhh, that would bring confusion to this world, and there is no permission to use such power until the proper time. But this time is coming very soon, when you are going to see miraculous power spread all over this world. Now it is sometimes used in limited ways, but not for everyone to use or everyone to witness.

All saints who have lived wished to reach this century. Some of them did not reach, some of them they reached. All saints dreamed about this event which is going to happen, and you are going to see it. If people can see saints, then they know what is going on. There are many saints alive now, and spirits of saints. If we have the eyes of our heart open, we can see them sitting beside us. They can reach anyone, any second that person mentions their names they can reach him so if your heart is present always on love, on the Lord, upon a saint, that saint can reach you always when you call him. But if you are not calling, how can you leave a message? He or she will not come.

P: So by the year 2000 these changes will begin?

Perhaps before 2000, perhaps later. There will be changes starting perhaps in the coming few years.

All masters, saints, prophets are trying to send light into our hearts but because we are so much in this materialistic life, we cannot receive it. Every master is trying to reach you with his power, to show you your power which God has given to all of us. If you find and use this power, you find yourself the same as the saint.

Diamonds are rare elements. Also, followers of saints are rare elements, like stars in dark nights. All of you are stars in dark nights in the Golden Age which is coming. At that time you are going to be shining, all seekers and followers of the Lord will be shining and all saints will come to each other to use that miraculous power which the Lord has granted to them and this world is going to be in peace at that time.

There are 124,000 saints on this earth, running here and there to look at the heart of people, to bring them to light, and these saints know each other. Not all saints know they are saints, but each saints recognizes antoher saint. They meet with each other.

Out of 124,000 saints, there are 7,007 people higher in level than saints. Above them are 313 higher. Above the 313, are 40. Above the 40, there are five. Above the five, there is One. It is like a pyramid. That one at the top is waiting for permission from God, an order to all saints to spread quickly the teachings. It is not going to be spread by books.

P: It is through the heart?

It is through the heart and in a different way. For example, your teacher or master will reveal what is in their heart by directing their eyes into your eyes. What is in his or her heart will go into your heart. It will not be necessary for everyone to go to a saint then, because by looking into your friend’s eyes, that knowledge will spread from you to her and that’s how it will spread quickly in this world. Not through television, radio, satellite or through books. That’s finished. It’s going to be spread throught the eyes. The light God has put into these eyes, no one can figure it. We are coming to the Century of Miracles and it is very soon.

Now many people are reading books. Reading? You are not feeling, you are not seeing, only from reading. You have to take from someone’s heart, not from words in books.

P: It will be wonderful whent he conflict stops, when the hatred ends, when the anger stops.

Conflicts and hate will not stop without a spiritual assault. God is going to give everyone a sword to cleanse his bad-ego, the ego which causes hatred and keeps hatred growing, spreading. Everyone will be given a spiritual sword to eliminate the bad aspects of the ego and finish. At that time, hatred will be finished, everything that is bad manners will be taken away and only love will spread.

P: These prophecies are essentially the same as Christian and Jewish Prophecies. I just finished reading a book by a priest who collected all of them. He had exactly the same time, same dates, same amount of years it is to last before the coming of the Antichrist. The same prophecies.

Yes, this is true.

P: It correlates also to the Native American prophecies. They all say the same thing.

When everyone will use the spiritual power which God has put into every heart, then you can understand. You can find knowledge. You can find wisdom and prophecies. But those who speak through ego will never find these prophecies, they will not understand this wisdom and Sufi teachings.

The ego makes everyone believe that he is the only one to be important, he is the only one to be known, he is the only one saying the truth, he is the only one to be rich, he is the only one to have houses, he is the only one to have cars, he is the only one to be listened to. And this is wrong. If we are going to listen to Spirit, Spirit will tell you how to listen to a child and take wisdom from that child. You can listen to a teenager and take wisdom. You can listen to an elderly person and take wisdom. Don’t reject anyone; if you want to listen with your spirit, you can take wisdom from everything. If you want to listen from your ego, you will take nothing except hatred, pride and enmity.

You are all going to hear a voice in this earth very soon. Everyone is going to hear as if someone is sitting next to him, speaking out loud a voice will come to each ear. You are going to hear, and you will tell your sister, your friend, “did you hear what I heard?”

“Yes,” she will tell you, “Yes!” Everyone is going to hear that voice. It is going to come from heaven, saying “God is Great!” Everyone is going to hear that voice and anyone who follows it is going to be safe. Anyone who does not follow it will be on the dangerous side. We don’t mean by dangerous, he will be tortured. No. He will not find his Reality, except by too many practices and through too many difficulties. Those who believe quickly, they find quickly because everything depends on the first belief.

All Sufi saints are waiting for everyone to hear that voice. That is the permission, the key for bringing everything out. Secrets and miracles and everything.